History of Rebounders

Rebounders was established in July 2002 with a small group of 6 children who all attended mainstream schools but had various coordination problems that resulted in them feeling at a disadvantage and inadequate in school PE lessons, and were looking for:

  • A sport in which they could partake at their own level without feeling that they were never quite as good as their peers,
  • A sport that would be beneficial to their coordination and control, body awareness, muscle tone and sequencing skills, would boost their confidence and help improve their general fitness,
  • A sport that they would enjoy participating in, and would not regard as treatment or therapy.

Thus, the first Rebounders class was set up. At the end of the first 6 week course we had expanded to 2 classes, and have continued growing ever since.

In 2006, due to the increasing demand for Rebounders classes, and to the hiring difficulties in local leisure and community centres, the decision was taken to try to raise the funds to be able to set up our own Centre. After 2 years of fundraising, the Rebounders Centre opened in the Ocean Park area of Cardiff in September 2008.

The Centre is now open 6 days a week, providing a variety of daytime and evening classes for children and adults with special needs, special school and college groups, care homes and adult services. The Centre covers all aspects of disability trampolining and caters for all levels and abilities.

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