How do we work?

The children attend for an hour each week, in a group of up to 10 children of similar age and ability. They work through a series of moves, exercises and badges. We work on 2 trampolines at each session, with a coach on each trampoline working on a one-to-one basis with each child. The times on the trampoline are kept short so as to hold the children’s attention. In between their times on the trampoline the children are free to play with the play equipment provided.

 “Professional and well-organised. An excellent resource base providing health and well-being for our students. They have learnt so much and have had amazing fun doing so”

The Marion Centre

We hold an annual display in which all the children participate, whatever their ability, and then they all proudly receive a medal and certificate. This is always a very popular and well attended event.

If children do not cope well in a group situation, or if they would benefit from a more intensive session, they can attend an individual session. This lasts for half an hour and involves either one or two coaches working with the child, depending on their need. These tend to be very effective sessions as there are no distractions from other children, and no waiting for turns on the trampoline.

Individual sessions can be booked during the day, after school or on the weekends at any times when there are no other classes running.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the Centre or require any further information on Rebounders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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