Rebounders Needs Trustees

As a registered Charity, Rebounders is required to have an active board of Trustees who oversee all the activities of the charity. Trustees are not involved in the day to day running of Rebounders but are responsible for ensuring that decisions that are made are in the best interests of the charity and its mission.

We are always looking for people to become trustees but there is currently a particular need for the following roles to be filled.

Chair of Trustees – Beginning March 2016 – Download the role description (PDF)
Treasurer – Beginning Immediately – Download the role description (PDF)
Fundraising Trustee – Beginning Immediately – Download the role description (PDF)
Trustee – Beginning Immediately – Download the role description (PDF)

Whilst some roles ask for specific skills the aim of Rebounders is to have a diverse board of trustees. Remember the trustees are not expected to run the charity and we would welcome those interested from all backgrounds to declare their interest in any of the above roles.

Trustees are expected to attend 4 meetings spread throughout the year and to fulfil tasks and projects in between these meetings whilst remaining in communication. It would also be expected that a trustee would use their connections and experience in whatever field to enhance the profile and work of Rebounders as possible.

For any further information or to declare interest in a specific role, please contact us via email.